10 Days In…

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I decided to change my diet. I confess I did not begin this journey alone. I consulted a GI Dr. who happens to special in weight loss/clean eating. Let me say I did not start this with the intent of losing weight. It started because I wanted to feel better, have more energy, and be more focused.  I have seen numerous ads for weight loss and more energy that come in the form of a pill or shot. I’ve always been leery of them. I know once you start putting foreign medicines in your body you run the risk of messing up your metabolism forever. I didn’t want that.  That’s why I consulted the Dr.

When we talked, she told me exactly what kinds of foods to eat and when. For years I did not eat on a regular schedule and sometimes I would miss meals. I knew that eating 5 meals a day was going to be a challenge for me. So I planned ahead and prepped my meals for the day while cooking breakfast.

Basically I cut out processed foods, sugar and wine. Yes, I said it. I cut out wine. I’m a writer and I love wine. But it had to go, as least while I was getting started on this program. I know once I am happy where I am then I can have a glass a couple times a week or when I’m on vacation! Yay for vacation!!

So it’s day 10 and I wanted to let you guys know how it’s going. So far I haven’t had many cravings. I was shocked. I thought I would be dying but  . .. no. I do miss wine at night when I’m sitting around the fire pit with my husband or watching The Walking Dead. But I’ve gotten used to having a cup of tea or coffee instead. Coffee, my Precious!

Now, that it’s been over a week, I’m happy to report I’m more focused, have more energy and feel amazing. To top it off, I’ve lost three pounds.

Going into this I knew that getting healthier starts with your mental attitude. I started out with a positive mindset that nothing was going to get in my way. I wake up every morning, pray and write in my gratitude journal. Keeping a food journal is very important as well.

There are some foods I can’t have, some foods I can have only in the morning and some only at lunch. But the foods I can have is overwhelming. I’m trying new recipes with vegetables I’ve never eaten before. I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone of just eating broccoli and squash and started eating beets, bok choy and chard.

You can truly DO anything that You set your mind to. Absolutely.


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