As a writer, we are often told in order to create the best possible books then we need to ‘Fill Our Well’. This week I’m at NINC in lovely St. Petersburg, Florida to fill my well! And drink fruity cocktails cause let’s be honest :)
It’s a time where writers come together and network, take workshops, and revitalize our creativity. Writing is a solitary career and getting together with other authors is a wonderful chance to recharge. So far I’ve eaten some wonderful food (and yummy Key Lime pie!! It’s addictive), watched the moon over the Gulf,see old friends and meet new friends, and learn a lot.
Filling the well doesn’t just pertain to writers. It pertains to everyone. It is self care. Everyone needs time away, whether it’s having a cup of coffee and conversation with a friend or getting outside and enjoying the beauty of nature, or even have an hour alone to enjoy a good book. When we take time for ourselves, we become better versions of ourselves, and in turn, can give our families, our friends and our work our best.
What are some ways that you fill your well?