Unlike a majority of my friends, I was born to older parents. My mom thought she was going through ‘the change’ but found out she was pregnant with me! She grew up during the Depression and she has always been frugal. She’s the woman who would re-use butter containers, aluminum foil, and wash out sandwich bags. Don’t get me started on Christmas wrapping paper. She would never tear into her Christmas gifts, instead she would open them very slowly so she could reuse it. She was recycling and upcycling before it was cool!
Lately as I get older I realize there is a bigger lesson in ‘Making Do or Do Without’. It’s really about realizing what really is important. In life, family and relationships are important. Things aren’t. Things can be replaced. Memories and people can not.
I just got back from a conference and I met some amazing people, and saw a lot of old friends. It’s times like these I realize how blessed I am to have a group of people who have my back, support me, and push me to do greater things.
Tonight, as I write this post, I’m in my kitchen, waiting on the water to boil for my spaghetti noodles. I didn’t take time to run to the grocery store for something quick. Instead, I’m making spaghetti from what I have on hand. I’m making do with what I have so I can make time for what’s important, which is spending more time with my family. We each get this one life, so make it count. Then you will find you never did without.

Jodi Vaughn