I love quotes. Every day I look at my fitness quote for that day. Difficult situations lead to beautiful destinations. That was one of my fitness quotes. I never really thought of using that quote to help get healthy. When I see that quote it reminds of painful situations I’ve been in that have ended in loss, whether that loss is a friendship, or trust, or health, or person.
As I get older I realize there is always going to be pain. But instead of dwelling on that pain I can learn from it. That pain can take me to beautiful destinations.
In fact, when I wrote VEILED SECRETS I had just lost a friendship. But it was through that pain and loss that propelled me to write. And here I am today, sixteen books later. That pain was the push I needed to go on a journey to become a writer. And along the way I’ve made some fabulous friendships, friendships that are true and strong.

What is a painful circumstance in your life that has lead you to a beautiful destination?