I couldn’t sleep last night. That usually means something is on its way. It could be good or could be bad. Or maybe it’s just a test of where i am in my journey.
There are always bumps, turns, and curves in the road ahead of me. That’s just life for everyone. It’s quiet, overcast Sundays, like today, that makes me reflective of where i am on the Road of Life.
I gathered an old journal from 2015 and looked at the first dated entry for Feb 20, 2015. On that particular day it was snowy and cold and I was thankful for the heat from my fireplace warming me on that chilly day. During that month I was thankful for the simplicities of life, like a fireplace, a good book, a hot cup of coffee.
It’s in times of restlessness that i look back and go over the simple things that i have. That in itself seems to calm my restless soul and brings me back to the present.