I can’t believe February is almost gone and I haven’t blogged!!
I love February, not because it’s the month of love. (I think every month should be the month of love, not just February.)
I love February because it means the last month of winter, the last chance to get snow (hey I live in Arkansas so I love it when we get it!), and the last chance to snuggle up to a fire with a glass of wine.
I like February because it’s a chance to reflect over the last few winter months, when we’ve been requested in our homes and trying to keep warm. I like February because it’s a good distance from Christmas and I feel like I’ve had a chance to catch my breath from all the holidays and I can now focus on decluttering before spring time arrives.
Most of all I love February because I love how silent it is at night by the fire pit while I gaze up at the moon.