It’s officially Spring (although it’s still cold here!) and that means Spring Cleaning!! For me it means time to declutter. My realization started in my closet. I went in there and I didn’t have room to hang up any more clothes. And it made me depressed that I didn’t enjoy what I had and it drained me. That’s not how your home is supposed to feel. So I decided to declutter everything in my house.
I’ve got to be honest and tell you I started decluttering my house back in the fall. We have a walk out basement and we ended up ripping up the old carpet and put down flooring. I love the look of wood and how easy it is to clean up after three dogs and a college student.:)
We had to move everything out of each room to renovate so I took the opportunity to declutter downstairs.
Everything got pulled out. Christmas decorations, every cabinet, every drawer got a good decluttering. I kept everything I didn’t want in a designated area until I had time to take it to charity.
Fast forward to February.
Our neighborhood has an annual yard sale every year. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. I figured that I could make some cash off the items I didn’t want and then take the rest to charity. A win win for all of us!

To ensure a successful yard sale, I contacted all my neighbors that were interested in hosting their own sale. Our neighborhood is huge and not everyone participates so I gathered a list of those were joining in. I sent a list of every house participating along with their address. This is a great idea because you can tell your customers where the next sale is! It was kind of like a savager hunt but for adults looking for peoples crap. LOL
Other tips:
1. Price everything. I MEAN everything! people hate having to ask!
2. Have a coffee stand. People are coming out at the ass crack of dawn so they need coffee. You can even price it .25 a cup!
3. Make sure you have change.
4. If you have a square reader tell them!! They love it when they can pay you with a credit card! Plus people don’t usually carry a lot of cash.

In the end I did pretty well. The things that didn’t sell will go to charity.
Now that I’ve decluttered my house seems lighter and happier.
As a house should be.

~Jodi Vaughn