I’m a writer. You guys knew that or you wouldn’t be here on my page. LOL
When I started writing my RISE OF THE ARKANSAS WEREWOLVES everyone who read it was hungry for more and they still are. The most asked question I get is when is the next book coming out. I write on a schedule. I write every day except for the weekend and when I have a book that needs to be edited. Other than that, I write every day.

Until I don’t.

I ran into this a few weeks back. I got up one day and I didn’t write. I was busy doing other administrative duties, like formatting, advertising, securing the next book signing hotel, updating back matter, paying bills, etc. For the last few weeks I had new covers made for my SOMEWHERE TEXAS Books. If you haven’t seen the new look go check them out! I love them sooo much!
Along with getting new covers I sent them all off to have proofed again. (Even after publishing, some errors like a misspelled word doesn’t get caught). And after they were proofed, I then had to update the back matter and format the files for all the book store vendors. All of that takes time. Not to mention having to upload all new files to desired book vendors.
It seemed that my time was all going to this instead of writing new words.

And that’s okay.

It took those last few weeks of doing anything but writing to make me want to write again.
And when I started on VEILED ENCHANTMENT, I was immediately sucked back into the world of FAE and Love and War. I’m taking my time with this book, making it everything and more of what VEILED SECRETS was for me. These characters are my friends and their struggles become my struggles. And that’s why I love to write.
Taking those weeks off gave me back my joy.

When will it be done?

When it’s ready. I really don’t have a release date but as soon as the book is finished and I’m pleased it will be out later this year.

I love writing and this year I have a lot of ideas in my head. It takes time to flesh theses story lines out and hash out the right plot. And so I’m taking the pressure off me to write.

In finding my joy, I have found purpose. And that’s all we have hope to achieve in this life.