This was release week for my fourth book in my Somewhere Texas series. I love release weeks despite how busy they are. I usually don’t take the week off but continue writing or editing or doing whatever administrative stuff that needs to get done.
This morning, when I sit down at my desk with my cup of tea and open my MAC computer I….panic. You see, I have been working on the second book of my VEILED Series (VEILED ENCHANTMENT). It’s mainly written and I am now going through with heavy revisions. I had three chapters done yesterday and today….I can’t find the corrected version.
I started to panic and then I stopped myself. I knew the original copy was still here because I could pull that up. I just couldn’t find the revisions. Which means….I start again.
Isn’t that life? Disappointments will come and how we chose to face them determine the outcome. We can get up or stay down. We can give up or trudge through.We can become paralyzed with fear or we can walk in strength.
So I am looking at this as fate. Perhaps those three chapters weren’t meant to be revised or maybe I could do better.
I’m also looking at the positives in this. Last year this would have crippled me, would have devastated me for weeks. This year, not so much. That’s because gratitude is life changing. I’m grateful I have the original copy. I am grateful that I have a job as a writer because I love writing stories. I am grateful for my readers who are as dear to me as family.
So in this setback I chose to rise up to the challenge.
I hope you do too.