Top view young woman lying on a wooden jetty enjoying the sunshine,tourist girl in bright summer glasses lying on jetty by river, vintage photo of relaxing young woman in nature with tablet, flare sun

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to have time away from everything. On the weekends I have started unplugging from social media. I don’t answer email, I usually don’t respond to Facebook and Instagram, and I try not to even look at the news.

Yesterday was a perfect example of that. I took my son to a flea market held at Parker Homestead (which is really cool by the way). They had a ton of older items which could easily be upcycled into something new or refinished to the original item. There were food vendors and one person even brought their vintage camper which she was remodeling(It was so stinking cute!). Afterwards we meet up with one of my son’s friends and had lunch with him and his grandparents (who are absolutely lovely). It was still afternoon by the time we got home. I ended up working on some revisions for my WIP before settling in to watch a Hallmark movie, Unleashing Mr. Darcy. I love Pride and Prejudice so anything that is a spin on that is a movie for me!

I ended up watching another Hallmark movie with a cup of hot tea and just enjoying myself.

I went to bed with a full heart and a grateful attitude.

What’s your favorite way to unplug for the weekend?