Back in May, my husband and I left for two weeks on a Harley. With little room to pack (two saddle bags and the area on the back) I had to cull the items I planned to take.
It was actually down to one saddle bag because we had to take the rain suits which took up a lot of space. And trust me, after getting caught in a couple of storms in Oklahoma and Arkansas, you want the rain suits!

I didn’t take my hair straightener or my curling iron. There’s no reason or room. Instead I spent two weeks with my hair in a ponytail or in a bandana. And it was fabulous! I did take sunscreen and eye shadow. Sunscreen is a must!! You are exposed to the sun for eight to ten hours and you don’t want to get sunburned!
I wore my Harley boots and took a pair of slip on shoes for when we were out and about after we arrived at our locations. I took my running shoes but I really didn’t need them. I think I went to the gym once or twice. We were pretty active once we arrived in Colorado and I just stayed in my boots which were comfortable.
Clothes- I wore a pair of jeans and packed a pair along with a pair of black leggings.I packed a couple of shirts. I wore my leathers the entire time we were riding and i didn’t get hot. Once we were up in the mountains (and i mean up in the mountains where there was still snow!) I was glad I had my leathers. I also packed a fleece shirt. One thing I didn’t have was gloves. We had to stop and buy some at the Harley store.

You’ll be surprised what you really need for a motorcycle trip. We had access to laundry facilities so when all our stuff got dirty we just washed them.

While we were on the road we went white water rafting, rode a train up to Silverton, Colorado, hit Durango just in time for a festival, ate some wonderful food, and meet fabulous people.

It was a time to unplug and enjoy the beautiful country we live in. And you know what? I didn’t even miss my computer!

What’s your favorite place to vacation?