I used to run in our neighborhood all the time. Now with the hot weather
I prefer to run on my treadmill where it’s cool verses outside in 90 degree weather. But it’s not the same.
Running outside keeps me honest. I know that the neighbors can see me out their windows or spot me as they drive past and it makes me want to do a little better, run a little faster. It keeps me accountable.
Lately I’ve not been devoted to my workout as I should be. I’ve been traveling for book signings or conferences, birthdays to plan, and family in Mississippi to visit.
But now I’m ready to hit it hard.
There is a point when I’m working out that I always hit. It’s near the beginning of my workout when I’m just starting to push myself. I get a pain in my side or my breathing becomes labored and for a brief moment I want to quit or at least ease up.
It’s at that precise point that I know I can’t do any of those things. It’s the point of no return. If I give in and ease up then I’ve just excused myself from doing better and staying mediocre. When I’m running it usually happens between the first one hundredth step. It’s when I want to stop and just walk. It’s when my side hurts. It’s when I want to give up. And at that precise moment, my brain kicks in and takes over. It tells my legs to Just Keep Going. Once I push past that point I can keep running forever.
It’s the same with your dreams. It’s going to get hard and uncomfortable. But if you just let your determination and your brain kick in, then you can keep going.
Tomorrow is Monday and I’m ready to get back in the gym and back in the office.
Are you?