The last post was about making a decision to live the kind of life you want. Once you do, you’ll have to face the fears that will inevitably creep into your mind every night about 3:00 a.m. Those fears will tell you, you are making a mistake and to turn back to the comfortable life you had. Those fears will bring up your past mistakes and remind you of your past failures and that this decision in itself is another failure waiting to happen. Those fears will remind you that you’re not strong enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, not pretty enough, and simply, not enough.
It’s when fear rears its head and whispers in your ear, you need to know one simple thing.
Fear is a liar.
It truly is.
Fear has a job. And that job is to keep you from growing, to stop you from living a full life, and hold you prisoner.
But you have a choice.
You can listen to the lies of fear.
You can listen to the truth deep in your heart.
Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from living your best life. Don’t let well meaning friends advise you that you shouldn’t risk it. Don’t listen to family who say they love you and don’t want to see you disappointed. Don’t listen to anything other than the quiet whisper of truth which lies deep inside your soul.
In order to succeed you’ll need new habits, new routines, a new circle of advisors and encouragers. (I”ll be posting about this soon!)
These things are great tools to combat fear.The better equipped you are the more you can battle and beat fear.
Let me say this and please hear me. I’ve been where you are. I know how you feel.I know what I’m talking about. I’m going to share a secret.
Passion and perseverance trumps talent. It truly does. If you want something badly enough, you CAN get it.
You can learn talent, you can gain wisdom, you can acquire skills. But you can’t buy passion. Passion has to live within you. Passion has to drive you. Passion has to live deep within you.
With passion anything is possible.
And remember.
Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.