You’ve made a decision to live a better life. To some, it may mean going back to school. To another it may mean moving across the country. To someone else it may mean living a simpler life.
Now that you’ve decided to have a different life you need to put it into action.
I want you to make a list. Physical action, mental action, spiritual action.

Physical action: Example: If you want to go back to school, make a list of the schools or colleges you are going to contact to get more information, like tuition and classes needed to get you on your way. Also maybe set up a meeting to tour the college and get a feel for the campus. Figure out how many credits you need to graduate and work it into your daily schedule, especially if you have to work while attending college.

Mental Action: You are doing something different with your life and with that comes uncertainty. So to combat that I want you to write down some positive affirmations that you can look at every day, several times a day. Especially if you don’t feel like doing it. That’s when you need to do it most! Also invest in some self help audio books. I usually use my free time on the weekend to listen to these kinds of books. It’s like a counseling session for me.
You are trying to have a new life so you need to have a new way of thinking.

Spiritual Action: Don’t worry, I’m not going to cram religion down your throat. LOL. But I would be remise if I did not include committing to spiritual action in your new life. We are spiritual beings and we need to feed that side of ourselves. Every morning i get up early while it’s still quiet. I grab my coffee and I settle into my comfy chair in the kitchen. I write in my gratitude journal for about thirty minutes. (If I recommend one thing that has been life changing for me, it’s having a gratitude journal! I’ll write a separate post later!) After journaling, I read some Scripture from my Bible. Then I get quiet. It’s in the quiet where I find my strength and perseverance. This morning routine grounds me for the rest of the day and no matter what happens i can handle it.

Dreams require work. Work requires action. Action requires perseverance.
You can have the life you want. You just have to put in the work