How important is it to follow through with your commitments? Keeping your word? Doing the hard stuff when you can barely get out of bed?
It’s really hard. I know.I’ve been there. But doing the hard stuff even when you don’t feel like it pays off in the end.

Being impeccable with your word also means don’t gossip.

I met a woman once who was hellbent destroying the lives of others. I had never been around someone so…gossipy. This was not the “I think Maddy had some work done on her face,”kind of gossip. This was the worst of the worst kind of gossip. She would want to know who you knew in the neighborhood and then proceed to tell you all the nasty, dirty gossip she knew.

I quickly distanced myself from this person. And made sure to steer clear at any future events we might be attending.

I really didn’t realize people this cruel and evil existed on this planet. For me, they only existed in novels.

But it was a good lesson in not to gossip. About anything. Or anyone.

We should always use our words to lift people up, not tear them down. IF we all practiced this, then the world would be an amazing place.