I once heard someone ask what was my thorn and what was my rose for the year. The thorn is supposed to be the worst thing that happened and the rose is the best thing.

My thorn. This is hard to admit, but my thorn was disappointment and losing hope. I’m always full of hope and love to encourage other people but this year has been hard. It’s been hard for authors across the board. There is so many books competing for readers attention that it’s hard to be seen.

Now for my rose. My rose this year has been NINC and a special friend I always see there. NINC is a conference for writers and they have so much to offer. It’s three full days of jam packed information and it enough to make your head swim.
And it was exactly what I needed. Coming home for the conference I have renewed hope and a sense of destiny. I am now full of hope.

What is your rose and thorn?