I’m getting a lot of different questions from you guys so I thought I’d put the answers all in one place.

  1. When is a New book coming out? So glad you asked!! Right now, I just put up a pre-order for Her Werewolf Mate. This book has been retitled and recovered. It was originally titled Fall Of A Blood Moon. This comes out the end of July.
  2. What’s next? The next book is Barrett’s book. I just got the new cover and I am IN LOVE! This book should release in August. After that Killian’s book Her Werewolf Enforcer comes out in September.
  3. What is your writing process like? This year it’s been crap. Usually I try to release between four and five books. I’m hoping to end the year on a high note. I have been busy getting my books translated into German and French as well. When I’m on my writing game, I tend to either do admin in the morning and writing in the afternoon. Or vice versa. Usually after I complete a book I’m a little drained and take some time off.
  4. What are you doing different this year? This year I’m spending more time reading my Bible and praying and journaling. That helps to keep me at peace. I’m also trying to eat more veggies. Lately, I love eating two eggs over easy with some broccoli that I baked in the oven. It’s my favorite. I’m also trying to stop looking at social media and the news.
  5. What about The Vampire Housewife? So I”m halfway through with the next book, Funerals and Debt and Deadly Regret. I put it down to work on Brutus’s book. Hopefully it will come out this year.
  6. Favorite thing to drink. I love my coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. I tend to drink a lot of water in between. A glass of red wine or an hard cider at night.
  7. Favorite movie? Emma. I also love old black and white movies. When I’m at my Mom’s I watch Perry Mason.
  8. Favorite book? Too many to count.
  9. Beach or Mountain? Mountain. I love being outdoors with the flowers and animals.
  10. What do you wish you had more of? Sleep