Weekend Reprieve

The older I get the more I realize how important it is to have time away from everything. On the weekends I have started unplugging from social media. I don't answer email, I usually don't respond to Facebook and Instagram, and I try not to even look at the news....

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Coming Up!

To keep everyone updated, here's what I'm currently working on! VEILED ENCHANTMENT is the second book in the VEILED series and it's on the schedule to come out later this year, probably late summer, early fall. If you've read my RISE OF THE ARKANSAS WEREWOLVES, then...

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March Update

I'm a writer. You guys knew that or you wouldn't be here on my page. LOL When I started writing my RISE OF THE ARKANSAS WEREWOLVES everyone who read it was hungry for more and they still are. The most asked question I get is when is the next book coming out. I write...

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Decluttering Your Life : House

It's officially Spring (although it's still cold here!) and that means Spring Cleaning!! For me it means time to declutter. My realization started in my closet. I went in there and I didn't have room to hang up any more clothes. And it made me depressed that I didn't...

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Collectible Post Cards Are Here!!

I'm so freaking excited to be able to offer these beautiful post cards to my readers and friends! Every few months, I'll be mailing out a limited number of collectible postcards featuring all of my books. You can sign up to either receive a contemporary cover,...

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