Get Knocked Down, Get Back Up

Some days are better than others. You could say this about writing, life and losing weight. Today I’m going to address all three. :)

Writing. There is so much more to an author’s life than just writing the words. There are business decisions that need to be made every single day, updating social media to stay relevant, editing, revising, and deadlines, and then of course writing.  Writing in itself is a full time job. Not to mention your other job (the one that pays the bills), children, family and marriage. Becoming overwhelmed can become a constant state of life. But it doesn’t have to be.  All you have to do to be less stressed is look at the big picture. Stay in the moment. And most importantly breathe.

Losing weight and becoming healthy. I hate to say I’m losing weight because  people tell me I don’t need to lose weight. I started eating clean because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had no energy, no focus and was sleepwalking through my day. So I got with a Dr.( I’m going to do a blog post on her soon!), got a journal to track my food and made up my mind to change, no matter what it took.  So far it’s resulted in more energy, feeling great, excited for life and weight loss. I haven’t been this weight since I was in my twenties. I am eating a lot of healthy foods and am leaner than before.  Have I cheated on my diet? Yes. Did I quit? No. I accepted it and moved on. I didn’t start over, I kept going.

Children, family, marriage. I can remember the days I would write in the car line while waiting for my son to get out of school. Now he’s driving himself. You would think I have more time, but actually I don’t. I still have errands to run, laundry to do, and meals to cook. What I have done is make sure I stop working at a certain time every day. It’s usually around five in the afternoon. After that, it’s family time.  One ritual that we’ve adopted is taking a walk after dinner. It’s during that time that we talk and bond. It’s become my favorite part of the day.

I realized I had to let go of the idea of perfection. I’m not the perfect mom, wife, writer, daughter, friend. That doesn’t exist. I am human. I fail every day. But I don’t let that stop me. I get knocked down, and I get back up. I do my best, I’m grateful for my blessings, and I keep moving forward.

So forget yesterday and work on today.


It takes 4 weeks….

It takes four weeks for you to notice a change in your body. Eight weeks for your friends and family to notice. And twelve weeks for the world to see.

I’m at four weeks of eating clean and my husband has already noticed. I can see a difference and tell the difference in how my clothes fit.

Has this been easy? No!

Have I cheated? Yes, I had a couple of nights where I had two glasses of wine. Okay, to be completely transparent the wine gave me the munchies which led to  pizza and chips and there might have been some M&Ms involved. Don’t judge me!

After my massive guilt trip I got right back on track. Cheat days are going to happen and that’s to be expected. Just get back up the next day and keep going!



Day Off

The title is a little misleading. I don’t know any author that has a true day off. Even on vacation, we are always taking in details, thinking up plots, and planning our next story.

Yesterday I turned in SHADOWS OF A WOLF MOON to my editor. It’s the fifth book in my RISE OF THE ARKANSAS WEREWOLVES series. So today, I told myself I was taking the day off. It was a lie. I spent the day going through email, approving book covers, securing reservations for conferences, sending out my newsletter and going over my to do list for the rest of the week.

A writer’s life. No days off. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!All Four

10 Days In…

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I decided to change my diet. I confess I did not begin this journey alone. I consulted a GI Dr. who happens to special in weight loss/clean eating. Let me say I did not start this with the intent of losing weight. It started because I wanted to feel better, have more energy, and be more focused.  I have seen numerous ads for weight loss and more energy that come in the form of a pill or shot. I’ve always been leery of them. I know once you start putting foreign medicines in your body you run the risk of messing up your metabolism forever. I didn’t want that.  That’s why I consulted the Dr.

When we talked, she told me exactly what kinds of foods to eat and when. For years I did not eat on a regular schedule and sometimes I would miss meals. I knew that eating 5 meals a day was going to be a challenge for me. So I planned ahead and prepped my meals for the day while cooking breakfast.

Basically I cut out processed foods, sugar and wine. Yes, I said it. I cut out wine. I’m a writer and I love wine. But it had to go, as least while I was getting started on this program. I know once I am happy where I am then I can have a glass a couple times a week or when I’m on vacation! Yay for vacation!!

So it’s day 10 and I wanted to let you guys know how it’s going. So far I haven’t had many cravings. I was shocked. I thought I would be dying but  . .. no. I do miss wine at night when I’m sitting around the fire pit with my husband or watching The Walking Dead. But I’ve gotten used to having a cup of tea or coffee instead. Coffee, my Precious!

Now, that it’s been over a week, I’m happy to report I’m more focused, have more energy and feel amazing. To top it off, I’ve lost three pounds.

Going into this I knew that getting healthier starts with your mental attitude. I started out with a positive mindset that nothing was going to get in my way. I wake up every morning, pray and write in my gratitude journal. Keeping a food journal is very important as well.

There are some foods I can’t have, some foods I can have only in the morning and some only at lunch. But the foods I can have is overwhelming. I’m trying new recipes with vegetables I’ve never eaten before. I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone of just eating broccoli and squash and started eating beets, bok choy and chard.

You can truly DO anything that You set your mind to. Absolutely.


Day Five of Making a Change

For a while now, I’ve been feeling fatigued and tired. I know some of it had to do with the last of the winter days and lack of sun, but it also had to do with my diet.  First was Christmas candy, then Valentine chocolates and  of course my wine at night. All that sugar and processed food was weighing me down, physically and mentally.

I was looking on Face Book one day and I saw a picture of a friend who happens to be a doctor. While she never was overweight by any means, she has totally changed her body and looks amazing.

It gave me the courage to make a change for the better. I made an appointment and she gave me some guidelines about what I should be eating. I was nervous at first, thinking about all the food (and wine!) I would be giving up. So with renewed strength I started the first day with my food journal and planned out the day’s menu.

Food Journal – This is super important. A lot of the times we will snack on something and wonder why we are not losing weight. A food journal forces you to write everything (and I mean everything) down  so you can look back and see how you are doing.

Inspirational Picture – I’m totally a visual person. When I’m writing I see the scene in my head like a movie. So this step was vital to my healthy eating plan. I found a picture on the internet of a girl in a bikini and I printed it off. I glued it to the front of my food journal so I would constantly see it. When I wanted that piece of chocolate or that glass of wine, I would look at that picture and realize I wanted  a healthier version of me more than I wanted that glass of wine.

I’m eating more than before (sometimes I can’t finish the meal) and feeling the change. Now I’m five days in and I can see a difference in my mental focus and clarity.

I have more energy. I’m not tired. I sleep better at night. I’ve lost a few pounds.

For me, it was more than just looking good. It was moving my health to the next level. I’m a firm believer if you don’t like something about your life, then change it. I think we are all capable of such great things if we just get out of our heads and do it.

If there’s something about your life you don’t like I challenge you to change it. There’s no better time like the present.


Success. It means different things to different people.  But I would ventured to say that when people are asked to describe success a lot of them have the same answer. Maybe they measure success by how many material things they have like cars, homes, expensive shoes. Or maybe they measure success by what they have accomplished, in the way of degrees, careers, fame or notoriety.

Lately I’ve found myself thinking more and more about success. When we are younger the definition is very different than when we get older. As we get older it becomes less about stuff and more about experiences. It becomes less about fame and more about finding your passion and turning it into a job. It becomes less about what others can do for you and instead what you can do for others.

Don’t waste your life chasing after the wrong things. Find satisfaction in the present. Learn from experiences. And don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way.



Rinse and Repeat

I love a good quote. On days when I’m not writing, you can find me glued to my laptop looking at Pinterest and reading all the quotes. Yes. All of them. :)

Quotes can sum up how we feel in only a few brief words. Quotes can give an impact when a paragraph can’t. Quotes can make us feel, deep within our soul, when we can’t put words to our pain or happiness.

Forgiveness. Happiness. Letting Go. Moving on. There are hundreds of quotes for these topics.

But they all have something in common. A single thread that runs through each of them.The advice for how to achieve these things boils down to one thing. It has to be a conscious decision and it has to be done daily.

When we say we forgive someone and let go of our pain, the hurt will resurface when in a couple of days, or weeks, or years. We have to forgive daily. Just like we have to chose to be happy daily.

My favorite quote.

Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of moment you are in now.

What are some of your favorite quotes?



March 11, 2016

Planner, coffee, laptop and notes. Ready for a day of writing. For the past few days I’ve been sitting out on my balcony as I write. If I could write outside everyday I would! Something about being outside after hibernating at my desk all winter has me excited. Like a change of seasons, from winter to spring. I wish everyday could feel like spring! New growth, new colors, new opportunities! Maybe it could.  In the meantime, I’ll continue working on SHADOWS OF A WOLF MOON, start LOST ALL CONTROL and finish plotting my #mysupersecretproject!

Christmas in Cloverton

Today is the release of Christmas in Cloverton! You might have read this short story in the box set I did with some fabulous authors for Christmas. Now it’s being released on its very own!

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She’s introverted, a book worm, and has never fit in……

He’s the former football star whom everyone loves……

Eliza Ross has never stood out in the small town of Cloverton, Tennessee. And the one guys she’d always had a crush on doesn’t know she’s alive. So she’s content to live her life through her books and give up any romantic ideas with Jake Denton.

Jake Denton has come back to Cloverton after graduation to start his own business. While the female attention is not lacking, the one woman he wants, is the only woman who doesn’t give him the time of day.

When a blizzard hits Cloverton the two find themselves snowbound together for the night. Can a little bit of Christmas destiny help these two find love and face their feelings for each other?