Cloverton Series A dark past… Grace Witherspoon’s old life in New York was slowly killing her. Daily abuse at the hands of her fiancé forced her to do the unthinkable: Fake her own death and leave the ballet world behind. Now with a fresh start in small town Tennessee, she finally feels safe— as long as no one finds out who she really is. The last thing she needs is the local cop hanging around trying to make-nice. Even if he is the hottest thing in the South, Grace is done with men. A bleak future… Policeman Sloan Jackson is done with women. After catching his fiancée with another man, Sloan decides it’s best to focus on crime rather than love. Too bad his match-making sister doesn’t agree, determined Grace is perfect for Sloan. Despite his fear of being hurt again, Sloan can’t deny the instant desire he feels for Grace and asks her out. But as they grow closer, the past comes back to haunt them. And as secrets bubble to the surface, their new relationship is threatened, along with Grace’s safety. When Grace’s true identity is revealed, can Sloan ever forgive another woman who’s deceived him?




BOOK 1.1

CLOVERTON Series CANDY CANE KISSES-Moving to a new town can be scary. But so is dating! When the new English teacher, Sara Kinney, is invited to visit the town’s haunted house by the hot high school baseball coach, Brian Reed, scaring up a little romance might be the perfect way to spend her first Halloween in Tennessee. CANDY CANES AND TRACTOR CHAINS-Christmas comes but once a year – but Leah Matthews has been waiting years to host the perfect family Christmas dinner! Too bad Jack Frost isn’t cooperating. When a blizzard cancels her dinner plans, she expects to spend Christmas alone. But Santa has another plan involving, Zander Howell, the one man she thought she’d never see stranded on her doorstep.





Small-town cop, Mitch Woods isn’t afraid of anything. However, admitting his feelings for Allison Jackson tops his list of fears. After all, the independent and beautiful interior designer is his best friend’s little sister – and that’s a line he refuses to cross. As a decorator in Cloverton, Tennessee, Allison Jackson struggles to get her business off the ground. And when Mitch Woods offers her a renovation gig on his old house, she jumps at the opportunity to give her business a boost. Working so closely together, Mitch learns the truth about Allison’s financial struggles. With a vindictive and shady ex, Allison’s past comes back to haunt her. Suddenly, Mitch’s biggest fear is losing the one woman he’s always wanted. Now he’ll do anything to protect her – even if it’s the last thing he ever does.





One introverted bookworm One former football star. And a little Christmas magic Small-town girl, Eliza Ross has never stood out in a crowd. And the one guy who she’s always had a crush on for years, doesn’t know she’s alive. Content living her life through the stories she reads, Eliza gives up any romantic dreams she’s ever had of Jake Denton. But when Jake comes back to town after college graduation to start his own business, Eliza’s fantasies resurface. Although Jake has never struggled with women, the one woman he’s always wanted won’t give him the time of day. When Jake and Eliza find themselves snowed in together for the night, a little Christmas magic just might give them the push they’ve always wanted.