Magic and Mayhem

“I’m not a good witch. At least that’s what I’ve been told all my life.”

Ella is a witch on a mission. She has to get to Missouri for a concert and she refuses to let anything or anyone get in her way. But when a wrong turn and a car accident detours her plans, she’s forced to rely on a rabbit shifter named Roger.

Roger can’t help but be drawn to Ella but he also senses there’s something more than meets the eye with this sexy witch. He can’t let her hitch hike to Missouri on her own so he offers to drive her there himself.

Ella doesn’t trust Roger but she decides to use him to get her to her destination. But when  a coven of evil witches captures them, her goal of reaching her concert slips further out of her reach.

Backed into a corner, will Ella save herself and get what she wants or will she make the sacrifice and save Roger instead?

A witch, a rabbit, and a whole lot of laughs.


 I can not tell you how excited I am about WITCH WITH AN ATTITUDE!!! There are so many reasons why this book is extra special to me! First and foremost, it’s a book that is set in NYT best seller Robyn Peterman’s Magic and Mayhem Kindle World. When Robyn asked if I would write a book for her Kindle World I was speechless. And then I think I screamed. Yes, I totally fangirled. There was no way I could say no!

What I love about Robyn’s Kindle Worlds is my character Ella, can step into her world and have an adventure. So not only do you get to know more about Ella, you also get to meet some of Robyn’s fabulous characters and see her magical world!

Kindle Worlds is an Amazon exclusive program. The books found in Kindle Worlds can not be found anywhere else except on Amazon US.

So how do you find the book? Just click on book cover above and it will take you directly to my book, WITCH WITH AN ATTITUDE, where you can purchase it for only 1.99!!

But that’s not all! Click here to take you to Robyn’s page where she has all the books for her Kindle Worlds listed for your convenience!

So grab your copy, sit back, and get ready for a whole lot of laughs!