Werewolf Guardian Romance Series

Her Werewolf Bodyguard 

Wild. Untamed. Blazing with need. She can’t avoid being burned.

Werewolf Damon Trahan lives by one rule, protect the pack with his life. Content to be left alone, he avoids complications until he is ordered to rescue a general’s daughter from a rival Wolfpack . . . or die trying. Little does he know she will tempt him to break every rule he’s ever known, because the opposing pack isn’t the only enemy in Ava’s life. Her own father has been keeping deadly secrets from Ava, and now it’s up to Damon to convince her of the truth before it’s too late.

Ava Renfroe is tired of Alpha males running her life. Growing up the daughter of a strict military general made her crave independence more than air. First she’s kidnapped, and the danger ignites a rage in her body she’s never felt before. Adding insult to injury, her commanding and arrogant new bodyguard is exactly the kind of man she doesn’t want. But try telling that to her out of control libido. Being on the run with a dark and powerful stranger will push Ava so far she might never recover. But this wild, needy thing stirring to life inside her?

With the entire Wolfpack hunting them, there is nothing Damon can do now but keep her close . . . and let their passions burn.

**This book was previously published as By The Light Of The Moon**

Her Werewolf Protector 

He’ll stop at nothing to protect her…even if it means hunting a killer.

Werewolf Braxton Devereaux is on the run. Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, he is forced to flee Pack Law, and the death sentence waiting for him. On the run from deadly assassins, he is nearly out of their reach when an assassin’s bullet hits its mark. Wounded, in pain, his wolf seeks shelter in the form of an unsuspecting and very beautiful woman.

Kate Wolph is busy trying to keep her Bed and Breakfast from going into foreclosure. The last thing she needs is an injured wild animal to care for. When that bleeding wolf transforms into a gorgeous man with blank eyes and a deadly smile, she should be terrified, not intrigued. Thrust suddenly into the supernatural world that surrounds him, Kate doesn’t know what to believe or who to trust. But the heat in Braxton’s kiss makes thinking all too difficult. And turning him away? Impossible.

Braxton has a reason to stay and fight, to uncover the truth. Kate is his reason now, and he’ll stop at nothing to protect her…even if it means hunting a killer.

**Previously titled Beneath A Blood Lust Moon **

Her Werewolf Defender 

Does he deserve a second chance with the woman he once loved but failed to protect?

Werewolf Jayden Parker tried to leave his personal demons behind. New town. New Pack. And as far away from memories of the beautiful Haley Guthrie as he can get. But Fate twists and turns in unexpected ways when Jayden’s alpha orders him to protect an unknown woman in mortal danger. She is under Pack protection—and being hunted by a deadly enemy.

Haley never wanted to see Jayden Parker again. Not his eyes. Not his smile. Not one inch of him. The fact that he’s the one the Pack sent to protect her forces her to face a past that has haunted her every day since Jayden walked away. Memories of their undeniable passion torment her needy body even as every moment she spends with him reinforces the walls around her heart.

Danger stalks their every move. But Jayden is a guardian. A werewolf. Haley knows Jayden would lay down his life to save her own…but what will he sacrifice to heal her broken heart?

**Previously Titled Desires of A Full Moon **

Her Werewolf Champion

He takes down monsters, he doesn’t cuddle up next to them…until her.

Zane Steele doesn’t have time for nonsense. As a high-ranking member of the werewolf Pack’s elite Guardian unit, his job is to take out the monsters who threaten the safety of the Pack. When a mission goes wrong, Zane is poisoned—and loses control over when he shifts. Desperate to find a solution before Pack Law demands his execution, he goes into exile and hunts for a cure.

Skylar Wade wants nothing to do with werewolves. Having grown up with the monsters, she has spent her entire adult life desperate to get over the horrors of her childhood. She built a construction company from the ground up, and all she wants is to be left alone so she can build a safe-house for runaway girls. When she finds Zane naked, injured and hiding on her property, her past crashes back into her with the force of a freight train—or a dying werewolf.

She should let him die. She should walk away. But the truth is, she’s a monster, too. And when two injured wolves are forced into a corner, they’ll stop at nothing to fight their way out. But falling in love isn’t part of the plan…

**Previously titled Darkside of The Moon **