Somewhere Texas




 She can heal his broken ribs, but it will take more than medicine to repair her reputation… Nurse Emily Smith’s career was almost DOA thanks to her no-good, drug selling ex-boyfriend. Moving to Somewhere, Texas, she hoped to have a fresh start in the small county hospital, far away from all the accusing rumors and pitying looks. It was a good plan, until she found out her ex took out a business loan in her name. It seems he stole more than a prescription pad. Now Emily has to repay the huge loan or face legal action. All ranch owner, Derrek Diaz, wanted was a Saturday night of fun. A few beers, a long ride in the fresh air…he hadn’t planned on a trip to the ER. The last thing he needs is to be unable to work. No, scratch that. The last thing he needs is a woman underfoot at the ranch. But when he overhears Emily begging for extra work shifts to pay an overdue bill, he speaks before he thinks. Now he has a gorgeous nurse staying with him, taking care of him and trying to be a ranch hand. Things are about to get a whole hotter in Texas.



 He’s hiding a secret and she’s his only hope…… Shawn Collins is terrible at choosing men. One bitter divorce under her belt has her swearing off men completely, especially cowboy Casanova, Walker Hammett. She wants to focus on herself and make peace with her past. Walker Hammett has a reputation as a player in Somewhere and the cowboy has one rule. Never bring a woman back to his house. But when it comes to Shawn, he finds himself willing not only to break that rule but to never let her go. After one crazy night together, Shawn discovers the handsome cowboy is hiding a secret from the people of Somewhere and it makes her question every assumption she’s ever made about him. Walker soon realizes that he will have to trust Shawn to not only keep his secret, but seek her help as well. Sparks fly between them as Walker discovers trusting Shawn might be the best decision he’s ever made. Now if he can just get her to see him as more than the player the town knows him to be. Can the unlikely couple overcome their prejudices about the other and find a future together? Or will they both end up in nothing but trouble?



Dr. Candace Roe runs her ER like she runs her life, with discipline and order. She has no time for romance let alone dreams of getting married and starting a family. After watching her baby sister die of cancer when she was little, she would never bring a child into the world where just anything can happen. She can’t imagine a life with a family that could be ripped away at any moment. So she has settled for a life where her career is her child Widower Ben Johnson is looking for a place to start over with his daughter and Somewhere, Texas fits the bill. When a car accident sends him to the hospital and into the path of a stubborn but gorgeous ER doctor, he is forced to accept her offer of shelter after he is discharged. The whole town has come to a halt, waiting for the ice to melt. Stuck together in a house for a few days prove to be too close for comfort and the couple soon find themselves unable to fight the attraction. Can they weather the storm that’s raging between them and find the start of a future together? Or will the ghosts of the past prove too hard to overcome?




Dr. Paul Jamison can’t relax. Not even in paradise. This week in Punta Cana was supposed to be beaches, babes, and beers. Not his bikini-clad blonde ex parading around like she didn’t break their engagement and his heart along with it. Amy Stewart is shocked to see her ex-fiance at the luxury resort, and even more shocked that her eyes still follow him every time he’s in a room. She is more determined than ever to protect her heart from his good looks and charm. Besides, it’s a big resort with plenty of room for them both. But Mother Nature has other plans. Trapped in the eye of a hurricane, will they become casualties of the storm, or will they take shelter in each other and survive to build a future together?