Veiled Secrets


Secrets never stay hidden…especially the magic ones… Celeste Hart has always known she was different. Growing up in the South, she knows that having prophetic visions makes her a freak, cursed, or worse… evil. But one night of passion leads to something she never expected… a child on the way, and now, discovering who she is has never been more important. Discovery of her Fae heritage plunges her into a paranormal world she has to accept. Eric Nordstrom runs his life like he runs his multibillion dollar business… with precision and focus. He never lets his emotions get in the way of what he wants. But Celeste Hart intrigues him with her gentle character even though he can’t help but suspect her motives. After blackmailing her into marriage to protect his reputation, his family falls under demonic attacks. And he has to face his own past to protect his new family. The threat of a supernatural war… Bound together by more than passion, Celeste and Eric soon realize they will have to work together to defeat the evil headed straight for them. Shadowed by danger they enter a world they didn’t know existed. When the Fae and demons collide, all hell will break loose.



                                    book 2

Celeste Hart Nordstrom thought after battling and killing the evil Fae Queen and her demon minions, life would return to normal.  But life only got more complicated and more sinister. When she discovers her baby has changed into something evil before her eyes, no one believes her. Not even, her husband.  After receiving a vision, Celeste risks everything and flies to Ireland, hell bent on saving her son’s soul. Even at the risk of losing her own life. Can she find the answers she seeks or will she find death in the Unseelie Court?